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ROC is the star!

The ROC range of coffees is blended by a coffee expert exclusively for ROC here in Australia. Our passion for great coffee means we source the best beans and demand the finest blends. Being enthusiasts, we don't stop there of course! ROC's full, smooth flavour is such a hit we've come up with plenty of ways for you to get the ROC coffee experience.

ROC coffee was created in response to demand for top quality coffee. The demand came from the explosive growth of the mobile café business Black Or White Mobile Cafes.

The search was on...

The principals of the business tried endless coffees and suppliers until the perfect blend of quality, supply service, and economics was achieved.

Taste was the ultimate test, but with the focus on ROC as an all round solution the brand has strong appeal to café owners and the public alike. Our philosophy is to provide exactly what customers want to meet the needs of coffee lovers and business people with super service and super product.